I Panicked!

I finally premiered the first episode of my Adventure Show, The Seeker’s Path!

In the first episode I describe my first and only major panic attack when I was sitting at home thinking about my life. It was the very beginning of a life changing adventure and I am happy to get it started!

You can check out the first episode available on-demand on YouTube and Spreaker (audio only)!

My New Adventure Show

I have hinted in a few of my previous posts that I will be doing a new adventure show. We are about a week and a half away from the premiere of this new show, so it’s a perfect time to tell you a bit more about it. It’s called The Seeker’s Path!

Seeker's Path Logo Large with Stripes

The show will start off at a time in my life where I was comfortable, but not fulfilled. I eventually had a major panic attack that led me to quitting my jobs and going on a solo adventure to the Rocky Mountains, leaving everything and everyone I knew behind.

I wanted to do this show because I have some amazing adventure stories that are 100% real and I need to get them out while I still can. It is my hope that others will find nuggets of wisdom within my stories and be able to open themselves up to finding their own truth in this world.

The show will be recorded LIVE on Bring Me 2 Life Radio the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month and you’ll be able to call in and share some of your own stories if you’re into that. Regardless, I hope that you’ll tune in and enjoy some of my most exciting adventures!

Meeting Maryland’s First Lady & Behavioral Health Stigmas

Just a few days ago I was blessed with an opportunity to visit Annapolis and meet the First Lady of Maryland, which is the Governor’s wife Yumi Hogan. This event, the Behavioral Health Awareness Art Show, was a gallery showing of different art with the theme of destigmatizing mental health and substance use disorder.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 2.16.59 PM.png

I was apart of The Walking Gallery of Healthcare, which is a community of individuals in various fields of healthcare that wear paintings on the back of jackets that tell their health stories. My jacket had a man meditating with jagged, sharp lines on one side, that turn into gentle, curvy lines. It is representing that when one meditates, we are more relaxed and calm, which can play a big role in behavioral health.
the walking gallery of healthcare


I had never been to Annapolis before. I was looking forward to seeing Maryland’s capital for the first time. We spent most of our time in the House of Delegates, but I did get to see a small bit of the city, which was pretty cool looking! There was one building with a giant mural of a buddha head, as well as other murals on other buildings.



The House of Delegates building was pretty neat! Made up of lots of brick, it was a very victorian looking building. The inside was quite nice, as you would expect from a major government building. When we got to the Walking Gallery table, Shannon Shine and Regina Holliday set up some information so people could learn more about what The Walking Gallery is all about!


It wasn’t too long until the place began to fill up. The gallery was filled with some really amazing art. There were all different mediums, photography, acrylic, oil and mixed-media.

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After the gallery, everyone assembled into a large conference room where Yumi Hogan, First Lady of Maryland and wife of Maryland Governor, Larry Hogan, gave a speech about behavioral health and being an artist.


Then she helped to present awards to the artists who were in the gallery. In between talking and handing out awards, there was a spoken word artist by the name of Kondwani Fidel who took the stage and shared some really powerful poetry. His first poem got a standing room ovation. You can check out the video by clicking HERE!

Kondwani Fidel at Behavioral Health Awareness Art Show

After it was all over, the First Lady hung around to take photos and speak with the attendees. I thought that was pretty cool of her. She could of ran out quickly, but she didn’t. She stayed back to make sure everyone who wanted to meet her, could. So Shannon Shine and I got our chance!


We also got some photos of The Walking Gallery with the First Lady!

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I also did a podcast on the subject of mental illness, which will be available soon! I will update it into this post as soon as it is ready!

UPDATE: You can listen in to the podcast at http://www.spreaker.com/user/projectbringmetolife/ep-98-mental-and-behavorial-illness-audi

Co-Creating Wellness Events


I  co-run a wellness center called Phoenix Landing Wellness with Shannon Shine and we recently hosted a Cloudz Sound Healing Concert, which was AMAZING (If you haven’t heard of Cloudz yet, it is an ambient, ethereal sound healing project created by Ashton Robertson of Spaceship Earth Music. You can check it out on Soundcloud by clicking HERE). We also hosted a Space Jam Dance Party with Project Bring Me 2 Life, including, wait for it, a DJ SELO set! I’m excited to say that I have entered my DJ adventure!

In today’s blog, I plan on talking briefly about the Cloudz sound healing and the Space Jam Dance Party with photos, videos and, if I get it uploaded in time, my setlist from my DJ set!

Cloudz Sound Healing Concert

Cloudz Sound Healing Concert

We actually had the sound healing inside Big Wisdom Yoga‘s studio, which is located in the same building as Phoenix Landing Wellness. Ashton and our friend Melissa (she’ll be mentioned later in the post) had some major car trouble, so we moved the time to 7:30 hoping that would give them enough time to make some magic happen. Not a second later, we got a phone call saying they would be there exactly at 7:30. So we get to the building about an hour early to start getting it set up, we added some altars and crystal grids and Mel, who owns Big Wisdom Yoga, turned on an essential oil diffuser.

People started to arrive about 5-10 minutes before 7:30 and even though it was getting close, I had a sense of everything will work out as it should. I saw Ashton and Melissa pull up and had this incredibly synchronistic moment. I was inside with the door closed, but they parked in the most perfect spot to where I could see their faces and they could see mine from the small glass window. That was a confirmation that everything was in divine timing.

We had about 14 people come out to enjoy the Cloudz Sound Healing and it all worked out great. I thoroughly enjoyed the sound bath and I’m sure everyone else did as well. What’s even more cool is that it was just a day or two after Cloudz released an album with Merkaba Music! You can check it out on Bandcamp by CLICKING HERE! You’re welcome.

Cloudz Sound Healing Concert

It was such a wonderful time and we are SUPER grateful that Ashton was able to come down from Michigan to deliver a sound healing concert to our Greater Cumberland community and beyond. He used to actually live in Cumberland, before moving back to Michigan, so it was a really special time to have him back for a few days.

He got a ride from Michigan by another beautiful soul Melissa Henk, who did a yoga session for us on Friday for our Space Jam Dance Party, which featured DJ SELO (me) and Spaceship Earth. THAT was a crazy fun time! Dance party at our wellness center. Black lights, big balls of light, dancing, art, juggling oh such a good time!

Space Jam Dance Party

DJ SELO Space Jam Dance Party

Shannon and I were working at MountainShine Creative and Shine Time Studios until 6 p.m. Ashton and Melissa met us at the shop at that time and we headed to the Wellness Center. We set things up pretty quickly, as we all kind of go about doing whatever it is we feel we need to do. So, for example, Ashton got the sound set up, I set up the space along with Shannon and  set some water, get the donation collection station set up, stuff like that.

People began to slowly trickle in as Melissa started the yoga. I did the yoga until I couldn’t stop thinking about how I needed to get my set ready. So I got up, left the room, turned on the laptop and began to set up the songs that I had. There were about 7 or 8 people in the room when I announced that the dance party was going to start. I said thank you to Melissa for the yoga and that Spaceship Earth would be after me and also mentioned that the beginning of my set would be like a spaceship starting and taking off.


So I played Itom Lab’s Starting the Mothership into Kalya Scintilla’s Evocation. It started really slow. Someone whispered to me, “No body’s dancing…”

“They’re not suppose to yet,” I replied with a smile.

It was cute. So after the evocation, I got some beats started with Cody Sparks and Brady Mueller’s Western Beat. From there the dancing party really got started and I even played a remix of Space Jam near the end of my set. It was so cool watching people paint! Ashton Hill from Kettle Head Art was there and brought Alex Crawford. Shannon Shine brought one of her paintings as well!

Ashton Hill and Alex Crawford

Shannon Shine Painting

I thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone get down to some of the trap house that I was playing. You should check out my set! I will include it below, if it’s not there yet, I will update it soon and include it in a new post! In the meantime, you can check out a video Shannon recorded HERE!

UPDATE: Listen in to my FULL set by clicking HERE!

Ashton took over after I played a remix of one of his songs called “Space is the Place“.

Spaceship Earth Music Set

I got really into dancing and even danced a bit on the pole that was in the room! Lol! I was a bit shy, so when I saw Shannon taking a picture of me, I had to turn myself invisible so I wouldn’t show up on the photo! Haha.


So there you have it! Two amazing events I am grateful to have help co-create. The sound healing was very needed and the dancing was as well! We’re talking about doing monthly or bi-monthly dance parties now.

Everyone needs some dancing in their lives to release that energy that builds up and gets stagnant if nothing happens. It really is a euphoric feeling letting it all go on the dance floor. My advice, dance like no one is watching and maybe you can turn invisible.

Being Sick Can Lead to Healing

I’ve been going through some incredibly unpleasant experiences the past few weeks as I have dealt with a “stomach bug”. It has been very up and down as one minute I’d feel very nauseous and sick, and the next minute I’d feel great and thought I was over it. It’s been a slow healing process, but one, I think, is worth it.

I believe the reason I’ve been growing through this is because there is a lot of trauma, a lot of negativity, that I haven’t gotten over and this illness is helping me release it all, allowing me to raise my vibration and grow into a better version of myself. I speak to my spirit guides and they are telling me my chakras need to be balanced and aligned in order for me to become who I truly wish to be, who I am meant to be.

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I first started feeling sick and though I feel SO MUCH BETTER, there are a few moments that I still feel a little sick. But, as humans, we deal with a lot and it’s so easy to hold onto pain and trauma. In the end it may be even more painful when going through a healing, so my advice, deal with that stuff before it has a chance to build up and take you out of commission for a few weeks.

My Adventures Coming to Life!

The last few posts I may have mentioned that I was coming out with a new show this spring. So in this post I am going to share more information with you about what I am cooking up! I’m really looking forward to creating this and I think the adventurous spirits will really enjoy it!

There is still a lot for me to do before spring, but I got the basic idea and format down. In each episode, I will share a real life experience that I’ve had from some of my most magical adventures and the truth that I found in that experience! My goal with this show is to provide some nuggets of wisdom and truth that I learned along the way with the hopes that it will inspire others to search for their own truths whether that’s spiritual or physical truths.

Each episode I will provide what I learned from each adventure and sometimes I will be interviewing a guest that was a part of the story to give their own truth and perspective. I learn the most through direct experience and being able to share mine is something I think can help others. Which is why I plan on having some time at the end of each episode for people to call in and either share similar experiences, ask questions or whatever may come up!

I’ve realized that I don’t share stories of my adventures enough and that someday, I will wish I would have. I can’t give away the name of the show quite yet, I still have some more planning to do and some kinks to work out, but I can say that this will premiere on the Bring Me 2 Life Network. It will be live and it will most likely be on a Wednesday. I’m trying to figure out if I should do it once a month, or twice a month.

I hope that you’ll tune in and check it out come spring time!

Let Go of the Past Meditation

Let go of the past guided meditation

Yesterday I was blessed to lead a group meditation at a wonderful shop in downtown Cumberland called Azad’s. There were 7 people not including myself and miss Shannon Shine that came to meditate. I set up some monitors/ speakers, singing bowls, a diffuser and some incense.


I can’t express how wonderful the diffuser is. If you haven’t heard of a diffuser, it turns water into vapor and when you add essential oils, it creates a very pleasant aroma and the water vapor makes the air smell and feel fresh. I would highly recommend anyone doing group meditations to incorporate a diffuser, it will raise the energy of the space.

Incense, sage, palo santo are all good ways to do this as well. I will set up a clipboard with a signup sheet for people to get notifications of when more meditations or sound healings are. Right next to it, I put a jar, or covered container and a small sign that says, “Donations ❤ ❤ <3”. This makes it much less awkward to receive donations from people who attend the meditations.

I encourage people to sign up to receive guided meditations and meditation music and if they are able to donate. It’s important, to me, that I do these by donation because it’s something I want everyone to be able to enjoy. Sometimes I get a good amount of donations, sometimes not, but I like that anyone can come and do these meditations regardless if they have money or not.

The meditation I guided people on last night was Let Go of the Past. This meditation allows us to let go of pain, trauma or any other kind of emotions/ memories that have been holding us back. Once we can release these, we open ourselves up to new love, memories and things. If you would like to do this meditation, just click on the video below.