2 Minute Meditations

Take 2 minutes to meditate and become unstoppable in life!

In this 2 Minute Meditation we use the power of our thoughts and imagination to manifest a world of our dreams.

This 2 Minute Meditation will help you to find inner peace. This inner peace will help with creating an energy all across the world, creating the world and global peace that we all dream about.

Relax. Listen to the rain. Create that peace of mind.

This meditation will take you on an ocean voyage on a majestic wooden boat so that you can enjoy the moment while figuring out your destination in life.

In this meditation I send you energy to help you through this collective consciousness shift so that you can transition and transmute smoothly with less resistance to the changes.

In this meditation, we listen to the natural sounds of the crickets and their music. Crickets are a symbol for wealth and prosperity and are known for their music, strength and vitality.


Relax by listening to the peaceful sounds of the waves. You will be naturally guided with the sounds of the ocean and will be able to clear your mind and let go of all your stress. A two minute meditation, this is something that you can do no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think! Want a specific 2 minute meditation? Let me know and I can do it for you!

Struggling with finding a career path for yourself? This 2 Minute Meditation is designed to help you realize what it is you would like to do and will help you create an income through that.

This is a short 1 minute meditation to feel more gratitude in life.  Gratitude can transmute a lot of harsh, negative feelings and emotions.  It will also allow you to see more clearly how blessed you are along with bringing in even more divine abundance in your life.


For this 2 Minute Meditation we are going to receive healing. So set your intention for what you would like to be healed and be open and allow the healing to come to you.


This is a two minute meditation to bring in the abundance that surrounds you into your life more fully.


This 2 minute meditation is designed to shift those unhealthy routines and habits into positive ones that will lead you to become the person you want to be.


This will connect you with your creative self, or your creative side.  Use this to move past writers block, inspire a brilliant painting or anything that requires your creativity.

Use this 2 minute meditation to practice mindfulness during those busy days!  Using mindfulness will help you reduce stress, become more at peace, improve memory and learning and reduce pain.


Would love to hear from ya!

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