True Meaning of Christmas

I’m sitting on a tree stump at the top of a mountain.  It took me nearly twenty minutes to climb, which is a nice, little walk compared to other mountains I’ve ascended.  Slow, rhythmic drops of water splash all around me and the only visible thing past the trees is a heavy, misty fog.

My right foot fell into the chilly river water just before the start of my climb.  It wasn’t too uncomfortable because today is the warmest Christmas Eve I’ve experienced in the Northeastern part of the United States.  I was inspired to climb the mountain by Nick Mielnicki, who posted last night about the importance of spending time in the natural world, otherwise known as nature.

There is no experience quite like being surrounded by trees, grass, moss, birds, bees, squirrels and all other organic, living, breathing matter.  I feel more whole in the woods and forests than any other time in my life.  Its peaceful and serene.

It allows me to get away from the stress of man-made society, where many people pay attention to material objects more than other humans or any other life forms at all.  Likewise, the celebration of Christmas must be more focused on being with family than video games or other inorganic materials.

It’s starting to rain now and before my journal gets too wet, I’ll leave with one more thing.  This is a time for reconnecting with loved ones and seeing past petty disputes.  Don’t allow pride or any emotion to keep you from spending precious time with your family.  You won’t always have the opportunity.

With Love, Honor and Acceptance,

C.S. Closson