New Year Transformations

The beginning of the New Year is a time when the whole human collective on planet Earth aim to transform themselves from what they were last year to what they want to become this year.  Whether we consider ourselves spiritual or not, we are still striving to be better than we were last year, than last month, than yesterday.  This is the time when everyone can look back at the past year and see what they would like to change.  The term is widely known as, “New Year Resolution”.

Resolution, as I take it, is to resolve something, usually a problem.  I prefer to see it a different way, which is why I like to use the term, “New Years Transformations”.  Transforming something doesn’t label any of our being as a problem.  It merely states that we change forms.  That takes out any judgement that we may have had about ourselves.  If you keep anything from this post, let it be this, DO NOT judge yourself for anything that you experienced, did, felt, thought, dreamt, did not, etc.  To judge yourself would be to judge god, for god exists within us all.

Look back and allow all of what you were last year to propel you to be the best THIS YEAR.  Last year exists in our memories, now you can let it all go.  Do not allow these memories to trick you to think that what you were last year is who you are this year.  You are new.  Like a new born baby, able to create the perfect character for yourself.  Baptized by the birth of the new year.

We, as a whole, as the body of god, have the ability, the gift, the blessing to create any Earth that we so choose.  I will choose to live in the righteousness of Spirit.  I choose to allow it to make my path clear and I will no longer stray from it.  I AM here for Earth.  I AM here for all the creatures who dwell upon Earth.  I AM here to assist all of you reading this to live authentic lives, to live in God’s love, to live in fairness.

I pray that we all will see past the illusion that we are separate.  I pray that we recognize ourselves as true brothers and sisters and we will all live in fairness and love.


Christopher “Selomon” Closson