Staying Positive in Difficult Situations

During Friday the 13th, I was suppose to go on a vacation to Florida for the weekend. It was 4 am at the local gas station when the tire blew all of its air out. Eventually, myself and my partner had to put a donut on and drive back home.

After a few hours of trying to get the tire fixed and multiple trips back and forth from town to home, the tire was fixed for free. I was also able to finish my first music video which will be published on 2/22/15.

Staying positive allowed us to see the situation clearly. We were also able to experience true miracles!

No matter how bad a situation may seem, staying positive, persistent and patient can turn all of that around.

Be Specific When Manifesting!

I had an experience today when I was strongly guided to be specific when asking God, Creator, Universe, for something I was missing. I asked to find a bag that had one of my Tiger’s Eye crystals. When I found the bag, it was empty allowing me to realize what I wanted wasn’t the bag, but what was inside the bag.

As soon as I got specific and asked to find the Tiger’s Eye itself, I found it 3 hours later hiding under blankets.

This simple experience showed me that being specific when asking for something, either to find something, or to manifest something, is really, really important. If you want to manifest a job, BE SPECIFIC!

If you want to manifest a partner, BE SPECIFIC. If you need anything, make sure you are as specific as possible so that you get exactly what you wanted.

Words are tricky. Use them Wisely.