Unity Consciousness

Within this Earthly perspective we may experience what is known as “Duality”.  You should know that in truth, we are not separate from each other.  Christians refer to the bible that says, “We are the body of Christ [God].”  Together we make One being.  Other cultures will refer to this as “Non-Dual.”

The Theory of Everything (TOE) is a theory that everything in existence makes one very large, possibly infinite, circle.  There are also an infinite amount of smaller circles existing in this largest, grand circle.  Each smaller circle has an infinite amount of smaller circles with that, and so on and so on.  These circles can represent a galaxy, solar system, planet, individual species, individual cells, individual nuclei, individual atoms and so on and so forth.

All of these smaller circles cannot exist outside of the larger circles.  The circles exist together and without that largest of all the circles, nothing could exist.  But of course the larger circles are infinite and so could there really be a largest of all circles, or just infinite amount of larger and larger circles, until eventually they become smaller circles?

Each of us are a smaller circle within a larger circle.  We exist together, not separate.  If this is a new thought or idea to you, explore it and see what resonates with you.

What would the Earth be like with each of us perceiving and existing in a state of unity consciousness?

It is my theory that if we all existed in Unity Consciousness, borders would be incompetent.  Racism would have no meaning.  Selflessness and helping each other would be a common trait amongst all who live on Earth.  Of course there are some programs that run a certain way regardless of what level of consciousness.  Because they need to.  It is their purpose.  But I feel deeply it is our natural purpose to help each other and to love each other.

Instead of thinking with a belief system of I’m an American, I’m an African, I’m a Canadian, I’m a German, we would say, “Hello, I am he as your are he as you are me and we are all together.”

The best sports teams are the ones that work together.  They work as a Unit.  They are still in an awareness of individuality, but together, with each one playing their position, make up the team.  The Unit.

On Earth many of us are still playing as individuals, without a team.  Perhaps because we feel separated, like we don’t belong.  But separation is an illusion.  Even when you’re alone, you’re not alone.  Remember whatever we can do alone, if we find the correct pieces that fit, we become much stronger.

Imagine if every human on Earth worked together to end world hunger, establish global peace, create a sustainable economy.  How about if we all worked together to clean up all the litter and figured out a way to end pollution, imagine that.  This is something that we CAN achieve.

We can create a beautiful world, not only for ourselves, but for generations to come.  It wouldn’t take centuries or decades or even years.  If you study ants, you will notice that they work together and they work quick.  Their whole system is reliant open each one doing their job properly.  You will also noticed from a distance that the ants look like one solid blob.  It isn’t until you zoom in really close that you’re able to see they are individuals.  Our bodies work much the same way with atoms.

The power of Unity and working together is the difference between making a small change in the world, to creating an entire global shift.

Besides, doing things with others is much more enjoyable.  It is important to have alone time, however.  The key is to balance the two and to know when you need to regather your thoughts before you introduce yourself to other frequencies.  But if you’re looking to change the world, in my humble perspective, you will find having a team is very beneficial.

Be a team player.  Surround yourself around other team players.  People care DO care for the well beings of others.  I know I do.  Let’s make it to the top together.



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