“Welcome to Meditation” CD Sneak Peak

For the past 4 months, I have been planning, producing, developing and creating a professional Meditation CD. During this time, I’ve found real scientific proof from well known schools such as Harvard University that Meditation can literally grow grey matter in areas of the brain associated with happiness and well being.

With this in mind, I’ve created 4 meditations that support good health and happiness.

Welcome to Meditation introduces you to the wonderous benefits of this sacred and holy practice.  Meditation has been proven over and over with studies from well established schools like Harvard University to grow grey matter in the part of the brain associated with memory, learning, empathy, reduced stress and countless others.

To find my CD visit the link below. Thank you all for the support I’ve received these past 4 months. I love you all!


The Law of Attraction

This Universal Law can assist us to bring ourselves something we may need or desire.  This may also be called a “manifestation” or “to manifest”.

Start out by thinking about what you wish to bring into your experience.  Use your imagination and play it out like a movie in your mind.  Ask yourself, “What would it feel like if I had that?”

Focus and open up to that feeling.  Allow sensations to come to you unblocked.  Once you can feel it, hold it and feel gratitude for that feeling.  Give gratitude as if you already have what you desire.  Gratitude will raise your vibration immensely and will allow that desire to manifest with much less resistance.

Have faith that it is coming to you.  It may not happen right away.  Be patient, positive and persistent.  Continue to play out that movie.  Continue to feel like you already have what you desire and continue to be grateful for it.  Practice the gratitude each day and it will NOT FAIL!