Meet Your Spirit Guides

This guided meditation will relax your mind and body and take you on a visual journey to meet with your spirit guides.  Know that throughout this meditation you are completely protected.


If you are experiencing a busy mind, or mind chatter, tell yourself that you will have plenty of time to think about everything after the meditation.  Promise to return to your thoughts after it is finished.  Each thought is a leaf floating down a river.  The thought comes and goes easily as water flowing.

Now become aware of your breath.  Notice if your breath is deep or shallow.  If it’s shallow,  Slowly begin to lengthen each breath until you come to a comfortable and steady pattern.

This is the time to set an intention for meeting with your spirit guides.  Maybe you have a question about your life’s path.  Perhaps you are looking for protection.  Or maybe you have an important decision to make and you need confirmation.  Whatever it may be, you know that you will get exactly what you seek.

Remember to have a steady rhythm to your breathing.   

I am going to count down from 10.  With each number, you will become more and more relaxed.  When I get to one you will be completely relaxed and ready to start the journey to meeting with your guides.  Remember that you are protected throughout this meditation.

10 – You feel all your stress begin to float away and your body begins to relax.

9 – You are feeling more and more relaxed.  Any visuals begin to blur.

8 – The tension in your body is being released.

7 – Deeper and Deeper into relaxation. 

6 – Your body is almost completely relaxed.

5 – Your mind is quiet and you feel completely at peace.  There are no visuals.

4 – Your body is completely relaxed and you begin to feel a floating sensation as you prepare to go on your journey.

3 – Deeper and Deeper into peace and relaxation.

2 – Your physical sensations began to fade as you experience a deeper sensation of floating. 

1 – You You are completely relaxed.  Completely at peace and are ready to begin the journey.  

You begin to hear birds chirping and the wind blowing as your vision becomes less and less blurry.

You notice trees and bushes and the woods and finally becomes crystal clear.  Look around you.  Notice any birds or animals.  Look at your feet.  Your hands.  Your body.  What are you wearing?  Notice how comfortable and light you feel.

You see a path in front of you that leads deeper into the forrest.  The sun is shinning bright and you feel drawn to follow the path.  Begin to walk into the woods and follow the path before you.

The deeper you get into the woods, the more you feel a loving energy.  It’s as if you are going to see loved ones you’ve been missing for a long time.  You continue to walk forward and notice a clearing ahead.  Just as you get close to the clearing, you look down and notice a beautiful flower.  Bend down and touch the flower.  Feel it.  Smell it.  This flower tells you that it wants to go with you on your journey.  You easily pick the flower and tuck it behind your ear. This brings you a profound sense of protection.

You step out of the clearing and notice that you are on top of a hill.  Down below you notice a beautiful temple.  You know that this is your temple and you created it long ago.  Remember what the temple looks like.  What is it made of?  What shape and size is it?  

Begin to walk down the hill towards your temple.  That sense of love becomes more powerful the closer you get to your temple.  You begin to notice more and more detail of the temple.  Notice any windows or openings.  You now see two large doors in the front of the temple.  

You reach the bottom of the hill and begin to walk to the doors of your temple.  You see two large statues on each side.  You look up and notice what each statue is.  It could be an angel, an animal, an ascended master.  What ever it is you know that these statues stand to protect your temple.

Pass the statues and walk to the doors.  The doors open up for you and you walk into the light that shines out from them.  You feel yourself floating forward when the light fades and you find yourself in a beautifully decorated room.  Look around.  Notice any artwork, decorations, rugs, altars, remember that this is your temple and you created it long ago.

At the back of the room is another large door.  You walk to this door, open it and walk inside.  You notice a circle of large glowing orbs.  You float to the center of this circle and gently land directly in the middle.  The sense of love becomes so complete that you remember what true and unconditional love is.  

Say to yourself, “I am here to meet my spirit guides.  I am ready.  Bring them forward.”

You let go of any expectation of who and what your guides may be.

Then the glowing orbs glow so bright you can’t see anything but their light.  The lights fade away and you find yourself standing with your spirit guides.  The features become more enhanced the more you look at them.  Your guides smile at you and you begin to embrace them in the most wonderful hug.  

You remember your intention for meeting with them and you send it to them with your thoughts, emotions and visuals all at the same time.  Your guides embrace this and begin to send back an answer with their thoughts, emotions and visuals.

Take a moment to immerse yourself in this experience. 

When you are ready, you begin to say bye.  Your spirit guides tell you that they are always with you even in your physical life. All you need to do is call for them and they will be there.

A light brightens and blocks out your vision.  When it fades, you find yourself in the circle with the glowing orbs once again.  You leave that room and back into the first room of your temple.  Take another look around at this beautifully adorned room that you created.  You begin to float towards the big large doors at the front of the room and they once again open for you.  As you float through the doors you walk through a portal and find yourself back in your physical body.  

Slowly come back by wiggling your toes and your fingers.  You may want to stretch.  Whenever you are ready, you may begin to slowly open your eyes.

Remember that you may return to your temple any time you wish.  

Forgiving Can Set Us Free

Forgiveness allows us to release any negative emotions or energy that we’re holding on to.

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” ~Lewis B. Smedes

Forgiveness can set us free and allow us to live our true paths.

If you’re struggling with forgiveness, that is okay. We all struggle and especially with forgiveness. But remember that forgiveness isn’t for another, it is for the self. You are doing yourself a good deed by forgiving.

Before we start this meditation we are going to call upon Arch Angel Zadkiel to be with us. Archangel Zadkiel is the angel of forgiveness.

Let’s start off by relaxing the mind. Just forget about your day to day life. Put it aside for the moment and promise to return to it after the meditation.

Take a deep breath in drawing in the positive that surrounds you. Exhale completely letting go of all that old, heavy energy.

Take another deep breath in beginning to feel relaxed and at ease. Exhale completely releasing any tension or stress.

One more deep breath in, coming to a place of complete relaxation. Exhale all the air in your lungs letting go of anything that is holding you back.

Now visualize all the moments of your past, present and future that created a feeling of betrayal, of hurt and of pain. See anyone who you may be feeling these emotions towards.

Hold those emotions as you continue to visualize those who have hurt you.

Continue to breath in a rhythm that is comfortable to you.

Once you have all the emotions and faces locked in, begin to say to yourself, I forgive all past, present and future experiences of betrayal and hurt. I forgive all those who have hurt me, or caused me pain.

Continue to say this with me, each time feeling it more and more.

I forgive all past, present and future experiences of betrayal and hurt. I forgive all those who have hurt me, or caused me pain. x2

Now let us begin to forgive ourselves.

Say this with me and feel these words.

I forgive myself completely. I forgive myself completely. I forgive myself for all moments of pain, sadness, depression, betrayal, and wrong doing.

I forgive myself for not being true to me. I forgive myself for any regret. I forgive myself for all past, present and future experiences.

If you are still having troubles, allow arch angel zadkiel to assist you. Repeat I call upon and allow Archangel Zadkiel to come to me and assist me in letting go of all feelings of pain, drama and betrayal. I allow Archangel Zadkiel to come into my life and assist me in forgiving the unforgivable. I allow Archangel Zadkiel to help me in forgiving myself and all others. It is done, it is done, it is done.X2

Now let everything go. We have released everything now. Feel what it feels like to let go of all that pain. Feel what it feels like to have forgive yourself and all others.

Ask yourself, “what does it feel like now that I’ve forgiven myself and all others?”

With that question just relax and try to experience what that feeling would feel like. This is a moment of peace, so just let everything go and feel it. What feelings do you sense in your physical body? Emotional body?
Now begin to wiggle your toes and fingers, slowly come back to your day to day life. This meditation will effect you far beyond this moment. You will begin to feel much lighter and clear in your thoughts. You will be able to move past those things holding you back and truly live. You will begin to experience true freedom now.

Slowly open your eyes and wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.


Having Peace of Mind

Stress is one of the most common health hazards. Short term stress can help to motivate us and energize us. Long term stress can cause heart problems, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression. Using a peace of mind meditation can allow you that break from the pressure and stress of everyday life that you deserve.

Giving the gift of peace of mind can greatly improve our overall health. It will allow us to be more focused and rejuvenated and ready to take on more challenges. Just like too much water can kill you, I recommend using this meditation once a week and at most once a day.

This meditation is designed along with soothing visuals and sounds of a natural river to create peace of mind within yourself and within your environment. Use this meditation if you are feeling stressed, over worked, depressed, angry, agitated or anxious.

The side affects of this meditation may include reduced stressed, lower blood pressure, happiness and joy.

3 Reasons I Believe Everyone Needs to Meditate

In this article you will find 3 MAJOR reasons I believe we all need to meditate.  It includes health benefits and ways to create a better, happier and more fulfilled life.  Enjoy.

When I first tried to meditate, it was hard to focus and I kept thinking, “When will this be over?”

I stayed with it and 5 years later I feel great mentally, physically and spiritually.  The result of course being the reduced stress, improved memory, healthier eating habits and of course more compassion for myself and others.  I believe in meditation so much that I want to tell everyone!  With that in mind, here are three reasons I believe everyone should meditate.

1. Improved Memory, Learning ability and Compassion

The Harvard Gazette published a study proving that meditation can improve memory, learning and compassion.  The Massachusetts General Hospital did brain scans of two groups of people.  The first group practiced mindful meditation and yoga for 8 weeks, meditating for 30 minutes a day for 3 days each week.  The second group continued their normal routines without meditation.

The participants had an MRI scan 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the 8 weeks.  The scans showed that the group that practiced meditation grew grey matter in the areas of the brain associated with learning, memory and compassion.  The control group in comparison had no change in their brains.

2.  Greatly Reduces Stress

Chronic stress can be linked to a number of health problems, one being heart disease.  It’s not a surprise to anyone that stress is not an enjoyable experience.  Meditation is one of the leading alternative medicines that can greatly reduce stress and the problems that come with it.

3.  Creates Positive Thinking Habits

Throughout our day to day lives it is so easy to become distracted by all of our material objects.  When our minds are distracted, they tend to think mindlessly.  This can allow for thoughts you may not want or resonate with to enter in and that will lead to creating a reality that is in disharmony.

With meditation, we can focus and become mindful of what our minds are thinking.  We can begin to focus and create those positive thinking habits that allow us to create a dream life for ourselves.

Thank you for reading this and sign up for a Meditation Therapy session with me today and begin to create a life filled with health, happiness and fulfillment.  Mention that you read this column and I’ll give you your first session for free!

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