3 Reasons I Believe Everyone Needs to Meditate

In this article you will find 3 MAJOR reasons I believe we all need to meditate.  It includes health benefits and ways to create a better, happier and more fulfilled life.  Enjoy.

When I first tried to meditate, it was hard to focus and I kept thinking, “When will this be over?”

I stayed with it and 5 years later I feel great mentally, physically and spiritually.  The result of course being the reduced stress, improved memory, healthier eating habits and of course more compassion for myself and others.  I believe in meditation so much that I want to tell everyone!  With that in mind, here are three reasons I believe everyone should meditate.

1. Improved Memory, Learning ability and Compassion

The Harvard Gazette published a study proving that meditation can improve memory, learning and compassion.  The Massachusetts General Hospital did brain scans of two groups of people.  The first group practiced mindful meditation and yoga for 8 weeks, meditating for 30 minutes a day for 3 days each week.  The second group continued their normal routines without meditation.

The participants had an MRI scan 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the 8 weeks.  The scans showed that the group that practiced meditation grew grey matter in the areas of the brain associated with learning, memory and compassion.  The control group in comparison had no change in their brains.

2.  Greatly Reduces Stress

Chronic stress can be linked to a number of health problems, one being heart disease.  It’s not a surprise to anyone that stress is not an enjoyable experience.  Meditation is one of the leading alternative medicines that can greatly reduce stress and the problems that come with it.

3.  Creates Positive Thinking Habits

Throughout our day to day lives it is so easy to become distracted by all of our material objects.  When our minds are distracted, they tend to think mindlessly.  This can allow for thoughts you may not want or resonate with to enter in and that will lead to creating a reality that is in disharmony.

With meditation, we can focus and become mindful of what our minds are thinking.  We can begin to focus and create those positive thinking habits that allow us to create a dream life for ourselves.

Thank you for reading this and sign up for a Meditation Therapy session with me today and begin to create a life filled with health, happiness and fulfillment.  Mention that you read this column and I’ll give you your first session for free!

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