Being Effective in Prayer Webinar

In this webinar we will go over some experiments proving that prayers work, why you would want to pray, how it can help transform your life and how to pray effectively so that you get exactly what you desire.  Christopher “Selomon” Closson will lead the discussion on this life changing topic on the Project Bring Me to Life website and also on YouTube.

Learn how to pray in an effective manner so that you are accessing the full power of this practice.

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This Meditation Will Help You Connect with Nature

I created this meditation for the Project Bring Me to Life Podcast that will air tonight (August 11th, 2015) at 8 p.m. est.  The podcast is about an experience that someone had where they saw multidimensional beings and pillars of light.

This guided meditation is designed to connect you with Mother Earth so that you can be nourished and supported in life.  During times of trials and tribulations it can be difficult to stay grounded.  Transmute those difficulties and those obstacles by connecting with Mother Earth.

Finding Your Passion in Life

Written by C.S. Closson for DailyZen

It can be quite easy in this world to stumble through life doing the same, repetitious routine day after day, week after week, month after month. Life in the slow lane has been the norm of our society for far too long. It is now time to reconnect with our passions in life.

Our passions are our gifts to the world. I say that because when you are living your passion, you are following your heart. If you have found your passion, then you undoubtedly feel that intense burning within your heart. It is like a fuel for a grand, eternal fire that is hotter and brighter than a thousand suns.

Do not worry if you have not found your passion, your gift to the world, yet. Les Brown says, “You have to be patient, persistent and positive.”

Here are the three great ways to find and follow your passion.

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Are We Living Inside the Matrix?

Unless you are living under a rock you’ve likely watched the movie The Matrix. In the movie humans think that they are living in reality, when in actuality, they’re living in a dream, a program, serving as batteries to power the machines.

The part about the machines being the real power is just movie propaganda, but could we really be living in a Matrix right now? Here’s a few of my thoughts on why I believe this is scientifically plausible.


Everyone knows that our bodies have an electromagnetic current running through them. If you don’t believe me, put down your laptop, let go of your mouse, head out to the nearest electric fence and put your hand on it. Everything has an electrical current or magnetic field to it.

The water we drink, the fruits we eat, plants, trees, even the air we breath can carry an electrical pulse. You plug a potato into a circuit, the circuit still maintains it’s current without a hitch. Hold hands with a million people, that current will go through a million people. Which is the way our bodies work.

Think about it. Our brains send electrical signals to every inch of our bodies and without the ability to get that signal, nothing will happen, the circuit breaks. Paraplegics aren’t disabled, they just can’t get a signal to that part of their body. That part of their circuit has switched off. Here is a very interesting story one of my teachers told me long ago.

He was driving down the road one day and got hit straight on going around 50-60 mph. He got out of the car and when he checked himself to see if everything was okay, he felt a big piece of glass sticking out of his back, near his spine. The moment he felt that piece of glass his mind told him he was paralyzed. He knew, in his mind, that his spine had been hit and when he figured that out, his legs would not work. His circuit to his legs were cut off.

But here is the interesting part. He went to the doctor, the piece of glass was removed and the doctors told him that it completely missed his spine causing no major damage. That instant his mind released the idea that he was paralyzed and he could walk again. Amazing isn’t it.

Our brains are so powerful that they can cause this man to be completely paralyzed from the waist down, without anything actually causing it except for his mind. He “knew” his spine was cut, therefore he “knew” his legs would never work. Once he found out there was no damage, his brain switched on the circuit to his legs.

What else has a circuit? Computers, remotes, TV’s, basically everything in existence.

“What is real? How do you define real? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” – Morpheus talking to Neo


When you sleep and you experience a dream, how do you know if that dream is real or not? You do one of two things, you either wake up, like most people, or you have trained your subconscious to become aware of that fact that what you’re experiencing is in fact a dream. This can be a very hard thing to learn.

Lucid dreams have all the same experiences as what we call reality. In your dream, you can taste everything, feel everything, see everything. You can run and wake up sweating. You can crash a car and wake up feeling that very last second when you were holding your breath and or grasping, tensing up your muscles embracing for the impact.

When we have erotic dreams, we can feel every touch, every kiss and we can feel every sexual experience as if it were real. Our brain can project all of these feelings to us without ever really experiencing them in the “real world”. If you think dreams are so much different from reality. Try figuring out that you are in a dream while you are sleeping. Most of us will never know the difference until we wake up.

During lucid dreaming we can make whatever we want happen with just a though. It takes practice, but the better we become, the easier it will get and the more realistic it will be. When we’re awake, this can also happen. When we think hard enough and intently enough on something you want to happen, guess what? It’s most likely going to happen.

You think everything is real right now, but how do you know for certain?

“Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?” – Morpheus talking to Neo


Everyone in the world will at some point experience this. Just the other day, I felt like my friend was in my brain. He said almost word for word that exact thought that was in my head at the same moment. Another time, I was thinking about someone very intensely and a few hours later, they sent me a text. The first text they sent me in months!

People say all the time things like, “You read my mind.” “Get out of my head!” “I was thinking the EXACT same thing!” There is a divine plan that is unfolding. If you open your mind to it, you can have visions, dreams, and even thoughts about the future and what has not happened yet. Abraham Lincoln, for instance, had a dream one night that he was killed in a theater, with two copper coins on his eyes. The next day what happens? He gets murdered in the theater, while watching a play. Later in the world his face began being imprinted on the copper penny.

“Free your mind.” – Morpheus


There you have it. My theory that our Universe is a matrix. I don’t agree with everything that the movie says about the matrix. I believe that we are only limited by our own belief systems. If we believe that we are enslaved by something other than ourselves, we’ve already lost the battle. So free your minds and take responsibility for your own life and your own experience. You can create whatever life you want to live, just like in a lucid dream. What life are you going to create for yourselves?

My Blessings to You on Your Journey,

C.S. Closson