A New Level of Unconditional Love

This morning I came to a realization. The past year’s experiences have changed who I Am. Does that make sense?

Of course the core of my being remains true. I am here to make a positive difference in the world. There is much wisdom and experience I plan to give to any who are willing to listen. In this now moment, I am in the process of embodying that which I truly wish to be and letting go of the old attachments of identity I’ve created along the way.

It’s time for all of us to let go of the self society thinks we SHOULD be and embrace the self that God NEEDS us to be.

From the time we are young lads and ladies, our brains and minds are programmed to conform. We are suppose to dress the same as everyone else around us, have the same beliefs and to act the same way. If anyone in the system doesn’t conform, they are ridiculed, teased, bullied and beaten both physically and mentally.

The United States’ primary religion is Christianity. Jesus Christ taught about unconditional love, not being judgmental. His teachings were to treat everyone as a part of God. To see God within all of our brothers and sisters. If most of the world and the country were to follow these teachings truly, would society be the way it is? Why do we pretend to follow Jesus and still send hate to those who are different?

There’s a story in the bible in which Jesus tells the Rabbis that they are being hypocritical and that their tradition is keeping them from truly connecting with God and the world around them.  We CANNOT allow our judgments to disconnect us from seeing one another as children of God as pieces of the whole. Remember to love unconditionally and transcend judgments.

Do not even judge yourself for being judgmental. Just be mindful of that feeling and let it go.

As I let go of my attachments to who I thought I was, I open space for myself to receive a new level of being, a new level of understanding and a new level of unconditional love.

Namaste, Ahmen, Aho, Thank You


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