Balance Your Emotions!

Being a human is interesting isn’t it? I’ve never felt so much LOVE mixed in with so much FEAR. The gift of experiencing FEAR and SEPARATION is something I AM very GRATEFUL for. It is a unique experience that brings with it an immense amount of WISDOM. However, I don’t believe it is healthy to constantly experience these things.

If we are in a constant state of stress, anxiety, fear, all those things, we may begin to lose interest in the human version of life. Which is why it is important that we find JOY! If you enjoy playing sports, painting, reading, writing, running, listening, playing, whatever it may be, make sure that you allow yourself to experience those to balance yourself. It is okay to have fun in life. That’s part of what it’s all about!

When we do those things we LOVE and that which brings us JOY, we spread that vibration to the space around us and those who are sharing that space. Spreading that LOVE and JOY is what is going to raise the vibration of the planet and of our collective consciousness.

So in ending my post I will say that if you have been feeling stressed, anxious, fearful, doubtful, alone, scared, angry, upset, any of those types of emotions, just know that we are all going through it to, but when the opportunity of fun, joy, anything that you enjoy doing, seize it! Balance out those harsh emotions. Make your environment a better place to live and, in turn, that will make this Earth a better place to live.

Thank you! Aho! Namaste! Ahmen!


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