We Got This – Inspiration for the Dreamers

You’ve walked a thousand miles upon the Earth, always in the direction of that mountain which never seems to get smaller. You’re not sure what lies at the peak and why you feel compelled to it, but still you walk. You are thirsty, hungry and the passion that once filled your heart and fed the fuel of your mission, is slowly fading.

You fall and your arms are too weak to push yourself back up, so you lie there ready to give up. You take one final breath and flip onto your back to say bye to this land and your mission, but then something happens. The sun fills your vision and you feel a weightlessness take over.

“You got this,” says a deep voice that sounds both male and female. “Don’t give up! You CAN do this and you WILL do this! At the top of this mountain, you will find it! Don’t give up! You got this!”

The passion that was fading but a moment ago begins to fire up, like a dying fire that is reborn with a gust of wind. Energy begins to fill your entire being giving your limbs strength! You have a renewed sense of determination and will. What once seemed impossible now seems like the only option. Victory is imminent.


On Sunday October 25th I went to Cooper’s Rock in WV and saw some of the most beautiful views. I walked along a path with my friend Ashton and saw a huge boulder that peaked out of the canopy of trees and overlooked a gorgeous valley of bright yellow, red and orange with a river snaking it’s way through.


The second I saw this boulder, I knew I had to climb it. Not only because it would have given me the perfect view of the valley, but because there was an important symbolism attached to it. The climb was like an obstacle with the view at the top being the dreams of all who lives. There was no way I was going to let anything stand in the way of making it to the top. So I took of my shoes and began to climb.


It was scary. I had no rope to keep me from landing on the ground if I slipped. I was constantly praying to God, the angels and my guides to keep me safe. Inch by inch I climbed. Inch by inch I got closer to the top until the mountain came and I had reached the peak of the boulder. The view was stunning and I felt compelled to record it.


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