Opportunities + Action = Manifestation

January 8th, 2015 12:55 p.m. Friday

Happy Friday! Why do people thank God for experiencing Friday? I suppose most people work during the week and the weekend is their time to relax and spend time on their hobbies. I have been extremely blessed, and I recognize this every chance I get, to work on my hobbies full time. It is this context that I think about Friday the same I think about every other day.
Opportunities + Action = Manifestation

It’s another day to do what I love and another day to become a better version of myself. Each day brings new opportunities. Opportunities for health, wealth, love and abundance. This is where we have to meet the universe halfway. The saying, “as above, so below…” comes to mind as I think about how Heaven meets Earth. Imagine an upside down pyramid descending from heaven as a right side up pyramid ascends up. The place where they meet is the heart center, creating a merkabah.

The descending pyramid could be symbolized as the opportunities I mentioned as the ascending pyramid is our action plan. Once we take action and seize the opportunities, we create that merkabah and it will begin to spin.

The merkabah is said to be a light body vehicle that is able to travel to other dimensions. Imagine that these dimensions are your other versions of yourself where you are living your dream life. The Opportunities + Action = Manifestation equation is something we can use to create that life that we dream of.

So seize those opportunities and manifest that dream life! It’s all possible. Start the year off right by focusing on what kind of life you want to live that would bring you the most love, joy and happiness. Don’t worry about anything else. This will raise your vibration along with the vibration of the planet. This is how we can heal the world and everything in it.

Many blessings along your path!