Find Balance in Illusion

Time is an illusion, albeit a persistent one and lately time has been feeling very strained. I have been finding myself continuously getting more and more busy and it seems like I am having less and less time to do things. But if time is only an illusion, why have I been feeling more strained?

Perhaps it’s an easy thing to answer and perhaps it’s not. I am in the midst of balancing theĀ go-with-the-flow part of myself with the get-shit-done part of myself. There are times when the Universe takes the wheels and other times it seems as if the Universe waits for me to make the next move. There were times earlier in my life when I would jump the gun and try and do something before I had even the slightest plan.

Finding a woman to balance me out has been a great blessing. She has taught me the importance of having at least a slight idea of what to do after making the jump and that having a plan isn’t such a bad idea. There WILL be times when the Universe will completely scatter the plan into a million pieces. Finding the balance between plans and flows is a process that I’m sure a lot of us humans have to go through, but it will bring us some expansion and evolution as experience is the gateway to growth.

Maybe I’m allowing the illusion of time to affect my life more than it should. But I do feel that this illusion can be used as a tool. Time is Energy, right? We can use Energy to assist us in our missions on Earth, right? Finding that balance between plans and flows could assist in using our time and energy more efficiently.

What do you think? Is it better to be more flowy or to have plans? Is there a way that you can balance them?