InterDependence Day

On this day, July 4th, in 1776, a group of men, each a representative of the “original” 13 colonies of the United States, agreed and finalized the Declaration of Independence from the British Empire. Of course the British King at the time, King George III, didn’t like that very much and fought against it.

Eventually the colonies won, or so they say. Long before the 13 colonies were here, there were many civilizations, many human ancestors occupying the land. When we started claiming different parts of Earth as our own property, we began to lose sight that Earth, small pieces of it even, are not any one person’s or one corporation’s property.

This land, this Earth, belongs to all and it’s each person’s responsibility to treat it with love and to honor it and hold it as sacred.

Our culture has gotten so wrapped up in who owns what, that we forget we are all equal, that we all should take care of this Earth and everything in it. Such as land, sea and sky.

I’m not talking about personal property like a phone, computer, or stuff like that. I’m talking about trees, grass, stuff that was here long before we were.

Declaring independence is sort of a paradox. I agree that one specific family shouldn’t enslave an entire country, or population that exists on what they declared to be “their” land or “their” empire. At the same time, I believe we are all interconnected and, in a way, interdependent upon each other. We are all equal parts of the whole.

Will our culture ever be able to accept everyone else as equals? Will we ever be able to co-operate with each other and be able to share Earth and the land without pissing on it as a way of claiming parts of Earth? I have a dream that one day we will.

Happy InterDepence Day!