The Magic of Gratitude

We all experience things that sometimes we wish we didn’t have to. Resisting those unpleasant moments, especially ones we can’t control, can only make matters worse. Using gratitude along with those feelings can be much more beneficial.

For example, if I were to burn myself on a hot candle and I got upset and thought it’s probably going to hurt for weeks, then that’s what will happen. If I were to change my attitude to gratitude and thought it will be okay and I’m thankful for the experience then it will heal much faster.

It sounds silly, saying thanks for getting burned, but it works. Trust me. That example about the candle actually happened. When I used gratitude, the burn quickly went away in only a few hours. Gratitude can transcend a lot of lower vibrations and emotions. Quite easily too!

In any moment where you feel uncomfortable, out of place, sad, depressed, etc. just begin to practice gratitude and see how quickly your environment and your experience will change. Remember that your feelings inside affect the physical world around you, more so than the other way around. What’s great about this is that it’s so simple and so effective.

When you practice gratitude, you can use breathing exercises to assist you. Breathing in, think about one thing you’re grateful for. It can be anything like you’re grateful to breath, you’re grateful to be alive, you’re grateful for that delicious cup of coffee or tea. On your exhale start to really connect with that feeling of gratitude, of being grateful. Do this until you really feel it.

Here’s a video I made with some tips on how you can be more grateful!

What are some things you’re grateful for? I’m grateful to have you here reading my blog! Now have a great day!