Why Do We Love Halloween?

Today is Halloween. The day where everyone can dress up however they want and no one will care, usually. The smell of fall still lingers with chimneys beginning to release a slow, steady river of white smoke as the nights begin to cool down.

I’ve always enjoyed dressing up and looking crazy, heck almost every festival is like Halloween. But today, everyone in America, not just at festivals, will decide whether they want to join all the other costumes or not.

There’s something about transcending the “normal”, everyday clothes our society pressures us to wear. Something magical.

There’s a reason that cosplay has a name and events like Comic-Con, Burning Man and all those festivals are now part of mainstream culture. We enjoy the feeling of getting to play another character. We enjoy the feeling of being something other than our individual identities.

Have you heard the quote, “Life is a divine play and we are all actors?”

It’s important to know that each character we play gives us experience and wisdom.

So after you hang up your mask and get dressed in your everyday clothes, remember there is experience and wisdom to gain from your everyday character.

Interconnectedness Guided Meditation

Interconnectedness is not just a spiritual idea. Quantum physics finds you are intimately connected.

This meditation will allow you to transcend any feelings of separation, creates a sense of purpose in life and promotes love and compassion.

Unlimited Love Meditation

Last night I led a group meditation at the local Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. It was a great time and after the meditation, everyone had a big smile and I could tell everyone had the energy of love surrounding them. If you would like to experience this meditation, you’re in luck! Here it is!

Also, I would love to hear what you think of it afterwards in the comments below. It helps me when planning for future group meditations.

Habits: From Unhealthy to Healthy

In this blog, I will talk about my recent experiences with some unhealthy habits I’ve converted to healthy habits. It is my wish that you will find some inspiration and or guidance on your own path.

There was a time not-so-long-ago when I wasn’t happy with myself and some of the behavioral patterns I developed. It was easy for me to get distracted by a link or picture on the internet and I allowed myself to get sucked in even though I knew I had things to work on.

I created a habit of reading my phone in the bathroom. I needed to check Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, you know, social media. An hour later, my legs were soar and I barely had time to get dressed and head to work.

I work at a studio where I do online multimedia content for a grassroots network I created. I also help out at MountainShine Creative, but that’s another post.

I spend most of my day working on the computer. So I wasn’t getting much exercise. Life was more depressing when I was giving my energy to unhealthy habits.

I’m not sure what kicked me out of my funk. Could be partly because my best friend from high school, Cord Buoy, came to see me and patted my belly, it could partly be because I knew I needed to create a healthier lifestyle or continue the unhealthy trend in misery. It was both those and more.

One day I got just enough motivation to set an alarm so I could have enough time to run before work. That was a small first step, setting my alarm, but one domino, no matter how small, is all it takes. My alarm went off early in the morning and I battled with the sleepiness for a few moments, but eventually, I got up. I began looking at it one step at a time.

Next, I left my phone on the charger and went to the bathroom. Instead of getting on social media, I wrote a paragraph in my journal, which was another small domino on the healthy side. I finished and had enough time to stretch and run.

I’ve now run for over 2 weeks every single day and today I felt a difference in my health and I ran further up a mountain than ever before. I’m much happier with myself and the direction my life is heading.

I was inspired by this area of my life and began to develop the healthy habits in many other areas of my life. My work on the multimedia network has been steadily improving.

Now another healthy habit I’d like to create is writing more consistently on this blog. I would ultimately like to make a post at least once a week. I’m sort of calling myself out by writing this, but I’ll take it one step at a time.

What are some unhealthy habits you have? What are some healthy habits you would like to develop? Only you and your guides know what is best for you. Just remember to put one foot in front of the other and eventually you’ll get there.

The Illusion of Separation

Can you feel it?

The swift, sudden changes.

Planet Earth and her inhabitants are shaping the future. What Earth and humans will be in 20, 40, 100 years from now is being forged in this moment.

We are all going through the stage where what hurt us in the past is being let go of now. That doesn’t mean it’s being forgotten, for those painful experiences brought a lot of knowledge and wisdom. It means we won’t allow it to control us any longer.

The fear we felt no longer has purpose for us now. We are evolving to a vibration that will allow God’s infinite and unconditional love to surround us and heal us. Fear may still exist, but it can no longer hold us back.

It can no longer sustain the illusion of separation. We are, as a collective, waking up and realizing that we are all connected by an invisible force that binds all living things. This is a revelation available to all spiritual practices and even those who do not believe in a higher power are still able to recognize the fact that we were all created from a single thing.

Our solar system was no doubt the result of a super nova. There was a star that exploded and gravity pulled all of those gases, minerals and materials together from empty space and created the planets, the new sun and therefore the life that is now sustained on planet Earth.

Imagine for a second the life of a fly compared to a human. The fly has a seemingly shorter life span. I say seemingly because flies perceive time differently than humans.

Humans, to them, move in slow motion and that is why it’s so hard to swat them.

Now imagine planets compared to humans. What is perceived as one thousand years to us, could be just an hour for them. I believe it is safe to say that time is based on perception and since time and space are relative, space is also based on perception.

Separation, being separate from any and all other life forms, is also a perception and even more so an illusion. We can recognize omnipresence within ourselves and all other sentient beings around us. When we achieve this, time and space are no longer illusions that hide the truth and the light.

Falling Forward

Falling Forward

As many of you know, Mercury Retrograde just happened. They call it a retrograde because it looks like the planet is spinning backwards, when in fact it spins the same way, just makes an odd S-shaped orbit. Regardless, I didn’t believe it affected me until this past retrograde, which thankfully went direct on September 22nd.

During this last retrograde, I experienced Murphy’s Law in full force. I had a group meditation scheduled on a Monday at a Unitarian Universalist church in Cumberland, MD and was looking forward to it. I had all my equipment set up and was ready with a few minutes to spare. Ten minutes until start time and no one was there.

“That sometimes happens, I know people run late sometimes. I know how to be patient,” I said as a way of comforting myself.

Five minutes until my start time and still no one had showed up.

“It’s okay, they’re probably on their way now.”

The clock hit my start time and I was staring into a bunch of empty seats and couches.

“Well shoot. I’m sure at least one person will show up. Someone ALWAYS comes.”

It was fifteen minutes after my start time and I was the only physical body in the room. I decided I would wait a few more moments and even if no one came, I would still do the meditation.

Once it was thirty minutes past my start time, I realized that no one was coming. This was strange because I did always have at least a few people show up to my group meditations.

So I did the meditation to the empty room. I could sense a few energies swirling around me, so I figured at least something would be receptive to this meditation.

After the meditation, I packed up all my stuff and was looking forward to get home to relax and tell my beloved this silly story. As I go to unlock the car door, I couldn’t find the keys. I looked inside the building, in all of my equipment and when I couldn’t find them, I reluctantly looked inside the locked car. My energy dropped when I saw them hanging in the key port inside the car.

This is just one of the incredibly abundant unenjoyable experiences that happened during retrograde. Eventually a friend who lived close by bailed me out and I made it home. Now, this experience by itself is no problem, but magnify this experience and have it happen almost everyday for a month and it gets to be trying to say the least.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to experience these things this past month. I’ve heard many stories and accounts about similar things happening. But we’re still here! We’re alive and we are able to fall forward. We all fall, but if you can help it, fall forward. Continue to make progress. Continue to look towards your goals and ambitions.

We can use moments like these to strengthen ourselves and improve who we are. Become the best possible versions of ourselves.

Fall forward. Seize the day.