Falling Forward

Falling Forward

As many of you know, Mercury Retrograde just happened. They call it a retrograde because it looks like the planet is spinning backwards, when in fact it spins the same way, just makes an odd S-shaped orbit. Regardless, I didn’t believe it affected me until this past retrograde, which thankfully went direct on September 22nd.

During this last retrograde, I experienced Murphy’s Law in full force. I had a group meditation scheduled on a Monday at a Unitarian Universalist church in Cumberland, MD and was looking forward to it. I had all my equipment set up and was ready with a few minutes to spare. Ten minutes until start time and no one was there.

“That sometimes happens, I know people run late sometimes. I know how to be patient,” I said as a way of comforting myself.

Five minutes until my start time and still no one had showed up.

“It’s okay, they’re probably on their way now.”

The clock hit my start time and I was staring into a bunch of empty seats and couches.

“Well shoot. I’m sure at least one person will show up. Someone ALWAYS comes.”

It was fifteen minutes after my start time and I was the only physical body in the room. I decided I would wait a few more moments and even if no one came, I would still do the meditation.

Once it was thirty minutes past my start time, I realized that no one was coming. This was strange because I did always have at least a few people show up to my group meditations.

So I did the meditation to the empty room. I could sense a few energies swirling around me, so I figured at least something would be receptive to this meditation.

After the meditation, I packed up all my stuff and was looking forward to get home to relax and tell my beloved this silly story. As I go to unlock the car door, I couldn’t find the keys. I looked inside the building, in all of my equipment and when I couldn’t find them, I reluctantly looked inside the locked car. My energy dropped when I saw them hanging in the key port inside the car.

This is just one of the incredibly abundant unenjoyable experiences that happened during retrograde. Eventually a friend who lived close by bailed me out and I made it home. Now, this experience by itself is no problem, but magnify this experience and have it happen almost everyday for a month and it gets to be trying to say the least.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to experience these things this past month. I’ve heard many stories and accounts about similar things happening. But we’re still here! We’re alive and we are able to fall forward. We all fall, but if you can help it, fall forward. Continue to make progress. Continue to look towards your goals and ambitions.

We can use moments like these to strengthen ourselves and improve who we are. Become the best possible versions of ourselves.

Fall forward. Seize the day.


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