The Illusion of Separation

Can you feel it?

The swift, sudden changes.

Planet Earth and her inhabitants are shaping the future. What Earth and humans will be in 20, 40, 100 years from now is being forged in this moment.

We are all going through the stage where what hurt us in the past is being let go of now. That doesn’t mean it’s being forgotten, for those painful experiences brought a lot of knowledge and wisdom. It means we won’t allow it to control us any longer.

The fear we felt no longer has purpose for us now. We are evolving to a vibration that will allow God’s infinite and unconditional love to surround us and heal us. Fear may still exist, but it can no longer hold us back.

It can no longer sustain the illusion of separation. We are, as a collective, waking up and realizing that we are all connected by an invisible force that binds all living things. This is a revelation available to all spiritual practices and even those who do not believe in a higher power are still able to recognize the fact that we were all created from a single thing.

Our solar system was no doubt the result of a super nova. There was a star that exploded and gravity pulled all of those gases, minerals and materials together from empty space and created the planets, the new sun and therefore the life that is now sustained on planet Earth.

Imagine for a second the life of a fly compared to a human. The fly has a seemingly shorter life span. I say seemingly because flies perceive time differently than humans.

Humans, to them, move in slow motion and that is why it’s so hard to swat them.

Now imagine planets compared to humans. What is perceived as one thousand years to us, could be just an hour for them. I believe it is safe to say that time is based on perception and since time and space are relative, space is also based on perception.

Separation, being separate from any and all other life forms, is also a perception and even more so an illusion. We can recognize omnipresence within ourselves and all other sentient beings around us. When we achieve this, time and space are no longer illusions that hide the truth and the light.


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