Habits: From Unhealthy to Healthy

In this blog, I will talk about my recent experiences with some unhealthy habits I’ve converted to healthy habits. It is my wish that you will find some inspiration and or guidance on your own path.

There was a time not-so-long-ago when I wasn’t happy with myself and some of the behavioral patterns I developed. It was easy for me to get distracted by a link or picture on the internet and I allowed myself to get sucked in even though I knew I had things to work on.

I created a habit of reading my phone in the bathroom. I needed to check Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, you know, social media. An hour later, my legs were soar and I barely had time to get dressed and head to work.

I work at a studio where I do online multimedia content for a grassroots network I created. I also help out at MountainShine Creative, but that’s another post.

I spend most of my day working on the computer. So I wasn’t getting much exercise. Life was more depressing when I was giving my energy to unhealthy habits.

I’m not sure what kicked me out of my funk. Could be partly because my best friend from high school, Cord Buoy, came to see me and patted my belly, it could partly be because I knew I needed to create a healthier lifestyle or continue the unhealthy trend in misery. It was both those and more.

One day I got just enough motivation to set an alarm so I could have enough time to run before work. That was a small first step, setting my alarm, but one domino, no matter how small, is all it takes. My alarm went off early in the morning and I battled with the sleepiness for a few moments, but eventually, I got up. I began looking at it one step at a time.

Next, I left my phone on the charger and went to the bathroom. Instead of getting on social media, I wrote a paragraph in my journal, which was another small domino on the healthy side. I finished and had enough time to stretch and run.

I’ve now run for over 2 weeks every single day and today I felt a difference in my health and I ran further up a mountain than ever before. I’m much happier with myself and the direction my life is heading.

I was inspired by this area of my life and began to develop the healthy habits in many other areas of my life. My work on the multimedia network has been steadily improving.

Now another healthy habit I’d like to create is writing more consistently on this blog. I would ultimately like to make a post at least once a week. I’m sort of calling myself out by writing this, but I’ll take it one step at a time.

What are some unhealthy habits you have? What are some healthy habits you would like to develop? Only you and your guides know what is best for you. Just remember to put one foot in front of the other and eventually you’ll get there.


4 thoughts on “Habits: From Unhealthy to Healthy

  1. It’s great to hear that you got out of that funk! For me it kinda comes in waves. I also have a desk job and it’s hard to snap out of it when you’ve been sitting down with little to no movement for that many hours in a day.


    • I hear you. Same here when I do all the video editing work. Sitting down for so long, I definitely need that run in the morning. Get my exercise in early and my body feels so much better while sitting at the computer.


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