Why Do We Love Halloween?

Today is Halloween. The day where everyone can dress up however they want and no one will care, usually. The smell of fall still lingers with chimneys beginning to release a slow, steady river of white smoke as the nights begin to cool down.

I’ve always enjoyed dressing up and looking crazy, heck almost every festival is like Halloween. But today, everyone in America, not just at festivals, will decide whether they want to join all the other costumes or not.

There’s something about transcending the “normal”, everyday clothes our society pressures us to wear. Something magical.

There’s a reason that cosplay has a name and events like Comic-Con, Burning Man and all those festivals are now part of mainstream culture. We enjoy the feeling of getting to play another character. We enjoy the feeling of being something other than our individual identities.

Have you heard the quote, “Life is a divine play and we are all actors?”

It’s important to know that each character we play gives us experience and wisdom.

So after you hang up your mask and get dressed in your everyday clothes, remember there is experience and wisdom to gain from your everyday character.


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