The Attitude of Gratitude

This is a phrase that always gets my attention. It’s catchy, right? Since it’s the Monday after Thanksgiving, I thought I would share how I feel about gratitude and all of it’s powers.

Not only does gratitude tell the universe that you appreciate what’s been given to you, it signals that you are open to receive even more good things. Ask and you shall receive. Showing gratitude is like a gift back. Think about it.

Have you ever given a gift to someone and they didn’t even say thank you, or just shrugged it off? How did that make you feel? Not good, I bet. If we are made in the likeness of God and the Universe, then if we were given a gift whether physical, spiritual, etc. and didn’t show any gratitude, that surely wouldn’t feel too good to Source.

It’s so easy to be grateful too. I lived on the streets for a few months and saw what it was like to be homeless. Even taking a shower is such a blessing that most people take for granted. Imagine going a few weeks without a shower, or clean clothes. Then take a shower for the first time and you’re basically in heaven.

But you don’t have to live on the streets to start showing gratitude for everyday things. You just simply need to think about what blessings already exist in your life. Do you have food to eat? Do you have air to breath? Anything can work, even and especially the little things.

In this video, I’ll share 3 tips on how you can be more grateful.

A Glimpse Into Our Future

I often think about if I had a child what would the world be like when they are my age? My hope is that the world wakes up and changes course to a sustainable way of living. It really is up to each and every one of us to create the world we want to live in. How do we do that?

One thing I’ve learned about reality, is that it is created by our thoughts, feelings and actions. So if we want to live in a better world with sustainable technologies, we should shift our thoughts, feelings and actions to match that. With that in mind, I wrote a short story about what I would like the world to be like when I speak with my grandkids.

This short story was first published on Emergence Earth at the end of 2013 and now I would like to share it with YOU. Let me know what you think in the comments below and also think about what kind of world would you like to live in. Think about that while you immerse yourself into my story.

BONUS: There’s also a 2 minute meditation I created in which you’ll get to imagine your own future. Check it out at the bottom of the post!

[This story is Fictional along with any character or organization mentioned.  It’s up to you to believe what you want and it’s up to you how the world operates.]

There was once a time when people would say that money was the root of all evil.  It was a time of great sorrow.  There was famine.  There was poverty.  The world was split.

I remember hearing stories about a world where money ruled everything.  People would lie, cheat, steal and even kill for small, green pieces of paper.  To my generation this seems like just a sad fairy tale.  It doesn’t make sense that anyone would place such high value on such weak, arbitrary material.

My Grandfather once showed me a paper, “Dollar”, as he called it.  I almost cried laughing at the thought of these papers being used to gain things that grow around us like food.  I just got back from picking apples, pears, peaches and blackberries in the yard.  I can’t even imagine the idea that people went hungry and starved.  I would often ask my grandfather, “People actually used tiny pieces of paper to trade for food and land?”  It just seems so very strange.

My grandfather wasn’t alive during what he calls the Silly-Monetary-System Era, or SMS.  His great grandfather was around for the end of it.  His name was Ceelomon.  My grandfather told stories about how my Great-Great Grandfather Ceelomon traveled around the country without having any green paper.  Apparently this was not an easy task, nor a popular one.  I love being able to travel as freely as we do now.

My family has passed down the stories of the old system each generation.  My grandfather says we do this so that we may appreciate the progress our ancestors have made.  He also said, “We can’t make the same mistakes over and over again.  Keep the lessons of our past in our hearts.”

“I don’t believe we are ignorant enough to use paper and invisible, illusionary debt as a way to live Pop,” I once replied.

“There was a time before paper money.  People would trade fruit for eggs, chickens for pigs and labor for a place to sleep.  The dollar wasn’t formed until 1862 and even then, it was backed by real gold.  There was an organization called The Federal Reserve that slowly changed the dollar from a gold note, to a debt note,” Grandfather said.

“What is the Federal Reserve?  What is… debt?”

“The Federal Reserve, my grandson, was a group of highly influential bankers who convinced the government to put them in charge of the currency system, the trade system.  Debt was their creation.  They somehow convinced all of the United States to live by debt.  The people would get a house using debt and usually the would die before paying off the debt. “

“But Pop, that seems so silly.  Why would people want to be in debt for?  Why didn’t anyone put a stop to the Federal Reserve?  It’s so obvious that they weren’t doing anything good!”

“You would have to be there to understand.  They were masterminds of trickery.”

“I still don’t understand.  I don’t think I ever will, Pop.”

“Thankfully you won’t have to,” was Grandfather’s reply.

I suppose paper money played a big role in not only dividing our country, but keeping our technological advancement at a snail’s pace.  Without those pieces of paper and debt holding the world back, we have not only explored most of the galaxy with manned missions, but we have also found other planets with other advanced civilizations.  They are often more advanced than us and have shared a lot with us on Earth.

I heard during the SMS era they had the technology to power their vehicles and cities without using “oil”.  Green paper caused the people to keep using oil instead of more clean and sustainable energies.  This I’ll never understand.  Why would anyone want to damage our Mother Earth just for the sake of having green papers?

It’s been over a century since the SMS era.  Earth is now just Earth.  Not United States vs China vs Russia vs all the other countries.  There are no borders, no countries, no states.  We are collectively called, Earthlings.  My grandfather told me about people once being called, “Americans” or “Asians”.  That’s silly.

If history and my grandfather’s stories have taught me anything, it’s that our ancestors must have been living under a rock for too without ever thinking, “Why are we doing this?”  I was told once that there was a time Earthlings thought the world was flat!  Ha!  What a ridiculous idea.  I laugh every time I think about that.


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Christopher Selomon Closson

Winter is Coming…

As we reach close to the middle of November, it’s almost time to say bye to the old world. Snow is like a purification of the previous seasons. It’s brilliant and sparkly coat envelopes the land as most animals start their hibernation.

It’s the time now to finish up old projects and tie any loose ends before we too begin to hibernate. Not in the animalistic sense, but most of us take a break from traveling and spend more time indoors than out.

Winter is a good time for self reflection and review of the year. It’s a good time to relax and plan out projects you’ve been wanting and or needing to plan. It’s a perfect time to listen to the Bring Me 2 Life Podcast and Radio!

Finish up the last of your yard work, any outside crafts and activities. Enjoy the sound of the bugs if you live out in nature. Remember to set yourself up for success so that when winter comes, you’ll be able to enjoy a human hibernation without much to worry about.

Bring Me 2 Life

You may, or may not, know that I started a grassroots multimedia network called Bring Me 2 Life Network. It includes podcasts, radio and soon T.V. Each week I play music, help host shows and interviews live on air for Bring Me 2 Life Radio.

I get to co-host the Bring Me 2 Life Podcast with Shannon Shine. We get to interview different people in all sorts of fields about spirituality and higher consciousness. It’s been a struggle getting all of the pieces together like equipment, software, people to interview and all that good stuff, but it’s worth it.

My mission in this life is to raise the vibration of Earth and this network is vital to my mission. I am able to spread knowledge, experience, music and art. It also helps me to connect with other broadcasters and spread what I’m doing to other communities.

I was recently interviewed by Self Discovery Radio alongside Shannon.

I am really grateful to be able to give and receive opportunities with the Bring Me 2 Life Network. I highly recommend you check out the podcast and radio.

Bring Me 2 Life Podcast
Bring Me 2 Life Radio

Also, thank you for reading this and connecting with what I do. Bless you.