Balance Giving and Receiving

It’s the holiday season and many people will be giving and receiving gifts now until the New Year. It’s important that we stay balanced during this time and make sure that we give as much as we receive and receive as much as we give. Balance is key in life and the holidays are apart of our lives.

Last month, during my birthday, I made sure that I gave each person a gift as I knew I would be receiving them. As each person would give me a present, I would open it and show them gratitude, give them a hug, then give them a coupon for a free meditation session. Even if they never use that coupon, the act and the thought of giving them a gift in return was a good feeling and they really appreciated it.

Balance is important because if we take, take and take, we might extinguish a resource, cause stress in a friendship or relationship and establish a sense of superiority. If we give, give and give without receiving anything we can exhaust ourselves and begin to feel a sense of resentment. Some people will continuously refuse to take someone’s gift and still develop a sense of “I give and don’t receive”, without even realizing it.

The person trying to give a gift, only to have it be refused, will feel hurt and wonder why the other person won’t accept their gift. It’s a really good feeling to give someone something and especially when they show gratitude for it. Remember that when someone is trying to give you a gift.

Even taking the time to write a letter is so underrated it’s crazy! I know many people who really appreciate a good letter that’s hand written. It adds a personal touch and people really appreciate that. You don’t need to buy something to gift something. Just like writing letters there are many other simple gifts people appreciate.

During this holiday season, I wish you many blessings and hope that you are able to receive and give abundantly. 🙂


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