Let Go of the Past Meditation

Let go of the past guided meditation

Yesterday I was blessed to lead a group meditation at a wonderful shop in downtown Cumberland called Azad’s. There were 7 people not including myself and miss Shannon Shine that came to meditate. I set up some monitors/ speakers, singing bowls, a diffuser and some incense.


I can’t express how wonderful the diffuser is. If you haven’t heard of a diffuser, it turns water into vapor and when you add essential oils, it creates a very pleasant aroma and the water vapor makes the air smell and feel fresh. I would highly recommend anyone doing group meditations to incorporate a diffuser, it will raise the energy of the space.

Incense, sage, palo santo are all good ways to do this as well. I will set up a clipboard with a signup sheet for people to get notifications of when more meditations or sound healings are. Right next to it, I put a jar, or covered container and a small sign that says, “Donations ❤ ❤ <3”. This makes it much less awkward to receive donations from people who attend the meditations.

I encourage people to sign up to receive guided meditations and meditation music and if they are able to donate. It’s important, to me, that I do these by donation because it’s something I want everyone to be able to enjoy. Sometimes I get a good amount of donations, sometimes not, but I like that anyone can come and do these meditations regardless if they have money or not.

The meditation I guided people on last night was Let Go of the Past. This meditation allows us to let go of pain, trauma or any other kind of emotions/ memories that have been holding us back. Once we can release these, we open ourselves up to new love, memories and things. If you would like to do this meditation, just click on the video below.


2017 Evolutions for the New Year

New Years 2017 Cumberland Maryland

We made it another year! Congratulations on making it to 2017. This was no easy feat. Just by being a live, you are showing a lot of strength and courage. It’s no secret that this life isn’t easy. There’s a lot we have to go through just to be alive and from what I’ve seen in the collective consciousness, this year was incredibly difficult. So well done.


Memes like this one are popping up everywhere on social media. I’m sure most of us can resonate with the message here: 2016 was filled with a lot of hardships. But it also gave us lessons that are filled with wisdom and strength and now the Jedi become Jedi Knights.

There’s also an infinite amount of wonderful things about this life. There’s no celebration like the ones on Earth. I was blessed to spend my New Year’s celebration with Shannon and some of our really good friends in Cumberland, Maryland.

It was such a wonderful time being with good people. Starting the New Year off right, I think, is important and so who you spend it with is also important. You can’t tell in this photo, but everyone here is singing along to some of the songs that Ian was playing. It was a pretty magical moment when everyone sang the same song as loud as they could.

Another notable moment was when we walked outside to the main downtown street and saw hundreds of people wearing blinking fedoras. If you ever met my partner Shannon Shine, you’ll instantly know two things about her. One, she loves her fedora. Two, she’s all about the shine. So walking out to this made her night.


Though I’m all about the celebrating and fireworks, the new year can mean much more than just having a good night. It is an idea and a feeling that we have a fresh start. That we can improve our lives and our situations. This is when people start thinking about new year resolutions.

  This year I’m calling them my New Year’s Evolutions. Since they will continue to grow and evolve, it makes sense. When I think of resolutions, I think resolving a problem. I don’t like thinking about the past year as a problem. Evolution is evolving into something more than before, but doesn’t suggest anything is wrong.

One evolution that I would like to focus on is sharing some of my adventures in life. This is something that I am starting in the spring of this year. I plan on hosting a brand new show based on some of my crazy and wild adventures. I’m not kidding when I say crazy and wild. Imagine traveling from Florida to California with 9 people in a van with no money. That’s the type of stories I’ll be starting to share on my new show.


I’ll be writing more about this in the next blog post.

Another evolution I would like to work on is staying more focused. It’s been easy for me to get distracted, especially with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and all the other social media platforms. I need to spend more time working on my projects and less watching things that do not benefit me. There is a lot of potential I have with some of the things I created like the Bring Me 2 Life Network. If I can get the momentum rolling and stay focused, there is infinite potential with it.

I understand that I am human and that sometimes I fail or fall short, but it’s important that I take those on the chin and keep moving forward, always. I wish you all the best for this New Year in 2017. May you begin to tap into your infinite potential and live the life of your dreams.

Happy New Year!

P.S. The link to watch Cumberland’s fireworks can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kz9DE1kARY