Let Go of the Past Meditation

Let go of the past guided meditation

Yesterday I was blessed to lead a group meditation at a wonderful shop in downtown Cumberland called Azad’s. There were 7 people not including myself and miss Shannon Shine that came to meditate. I set up some monitors/ speakers, singing bowls, a diffuser and some incense.


I can’t express how wonderful the diffuser is. If you haven’t heard of a diffuser, it turns water into vapor and when you add essential oils, it creates a very pleasant aroma and the water vapor makes the air smell and feel fresh. I would highly recommend anyone doing group meditations to incorporate a diffuser, it will raise the energy of the space.

Incense, sage, palo santo are all good ways to do this as well. I will set up a clipboard with a signup sheet for people to get notifications of when more meditations or sound healings are. Right next to it, I put a jar, or covered container and a small sign that says, “Donations ❤ ❤ <3”. This makes it much less awkward to receive donations from people who attend the meditations.

I encourage people to sign up to receive guided meditations and meditation music and if they are able to donate. It’s important, to me, that I do these by donation because it’s something I want everyone to be able to enjoy. Sometimes I get a good amount of donations, sometimes not, but I like that anyone can come and do these meditations regardless if they have money or not.

The meditation I guided people on last night was Let Go of the Past. This meditation allows us to let go of pain, trauma or any other kind of emotions/ memories that have been holding us back. Once we can release these, we open ourselves up to new love, memories and things. If you would like to do this meditation, just click on the video below.



2 thoughts on “Let Go of the Past Meditation

  1. Nick work! Would be cool to see you doing these Cumberland meditations on a video livestream. Would love to take part/promote them.


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