Being Sick Can Lead to Healing

I’ve been going through some incredibly unpleasant experiences the past few weeks as I have dealt with a “stomach bug”. It has been very up and down as one minute I’d feel very nauseous and sick, and the next minute I’d feel great and thought I was over it. It’s been a slow healing process, but one, I think, is worth it.

I believe the reason I’ve been growing through this is because there is a lot of trauma, a lot of negativity, that I haven’t gotten over and this illness is helping me release it all, allowing me to raise my vibration and grow into a better version of myself. I speak to my spirit guides and they are telling me my chakras need to be balanced and aligned in order for me to become who I truly wish to be, who I am meant to be.

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I first started feeling sick and though I feel SO MUCH BETTER, there are a few moments that I still feel a little sick. But, as humans, we deal with a lot and it’s so easy to hold onto pain and trauma. In the end it may be even more painful when going through a healing, so my advice, deal with that stuff before it has a chance to build up and take you out of commission for a few weeks.

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