About C.S. Closson


Christopher “Selomon” Closson has been steadily using the practice of deep meditation for 5 years. He is a Spiritual Guide and Meditation Instructor who enjoys traveling the country hosting classes and workshops on spiritual topics. One of his presentations was on the Practicality of Meditation in which he presented Meditation to healthcare industry leaders about the benefits and practical applications that it provides. He has presented and performed in Ann Arbor, MI, Detroit, MI, Terra Alta, WV, Cumberland, MD, and Grantsville, MD.

He is also a performer, artist, musician, author, entrepreneur, podcast producer and host and the CEO of Project Bring Me 2 Life which is a community of Spiritual Leaders using art to speak about metaphysics, holistic health and spirituality.

The name “Selomon” was given to him in 2012 at a gathering of Native Americans, Mayans, peoples of all different races, religions and backgrounds at Mt. Manataka by a group of peers. “Selomon” means a confirmation of spirit allowing Christopher to realize that he is one with the Universe and everything in it.

His knowledge of meditation began with experiencing it first hand and now he is on a mission to spread this wisdom to the rest of the world.

Currently he is living in Cumberland, MD in the Appalachian Mountains with his divine partner and colleague Shannon Shine.


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