Guided Meditations

Photo By Johnny, Love is the Afterlife

Reconnecting to the Divine

This meditation will assist you in reconnecting with your spirituality and the divine.

Let Go of the Past

Sometimes we hold on to pain like losing someone we love or childhood trauma. Keeping the past alive, holding onto this pain, makes it difficult for us to be open to new relationships and new opportunities that exist in the present.

To Be of Service

You may wish to know how you can be of service to your family, your friends, your community, your country and the world. Love and service begin at home. This meditation will help you expand the meaning of your life, help you to have sweeter and less demanding relationships with family and friends and will guide to you find how you can be of service to others as well as yourself.

World Peace

This guided meditation will allow you to find peace within yourself and expand it to the world.

Unlimited Love

The benefits of this mediation are that it connects with you the unlimited love of the Universe, allows you to transcend limiting beliefs and create more compassion and kindness within yourself.

Beginner’s Meditation

This is a guided beginner’s meditation that introduces simple meditative techniques that are easy to understand for those who either haven’t meditated before, or are just beginning to. The music was created by myself, Christopher Selomon, to be relaxing and harmonic. If you are just beginning meditation or know someone who hasn’t started, this is a great first meditation.

Connecting with Mother Earth

This guided meditation is designed to connect you with Mother Earth so that you can be nourished and supported in life.  During times of trials and tribulations it can be difficult to stay grounded.  Transmute those difficulties and those obstacles by connecting with Mother Earth.

Inspiration and Motivation

This guided meditation will bring you inspiration and motivation to find and pursue your life’s mission by using powerful visualizations and affirmations.


Forgiveness allows us to release any negative emotions or energy that we’re holding on to.

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” ~Lewis B. Smedes

Forgiveness can set us free and allow us to live our true paths.

If you’re struggling with forgiveness, that is okay. We all struggle and especially with forgiveness. But remember that forgiveness isn’t for another, it is for the self. You are doing yourself a good deed by forgiving.

Meet Your Spirit Guides

This guided meditation will relax your mind and body and take you on a visual journey to meet with your spirit guides. Spirit guides are with us as we live human lives on Earth. They assist with many things including making important decisions, meeting the right people and finding the right tools. When we get stuck in the mud, they help to pull us out.

There are many ways that we can connect with our guides. From noises to visuals, channeling, and dreams join us to embrace the messages from your guides. They are right before your eyes and coming through your daily lives.

Dream Destination

Do you have a dream vacation or destination you’ve always wanted to go to, but haven’t had the chance yet? Through the use of focus and visualization, you will create the perfect opportunity to travel for yourself with this meditation.

You will create that opportunity first by focusing on where you want to go and secondly by visualizing what it would be like if you were actually there. Gratitude will greatly increase your chances of manifesting this opportunity to travel. The opportunity will need to be followed by action. Actually doing something to help make this dream destination become a reality.

This specific meditation was found in The Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding.

Peace of Mind

Stress is one of the most common health hazards. Short term stress can help to motivate us and energize us. Long term stress can cause heart problems, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression. Using a peace of mind meditation can allow you that break from the pressure and stress of everyday life that you deserve.

Giving the gift of peace of mind can greatly improve our overall health. It will allow us to be more focused and rejuvenated and ready to take on more challenges. Just like too much water can kill you, I recommend using this meditation once a week and at most once a day.

This meditation is designed along with soothing visuals and sounds of a natural river to create peace of mind within yourself and within your environment. Use this meditation if you are feeling stressed, over worked, depressed, angry, agitated or anxious.

The side affects of this meditation may include reduced stressed, lower blood pressure, happiness and joy.

Releasing Stress

In this particular guided meditation, you will be guided through a visualization using your imagination to put all of your stress into a cloud and allowing it all to pour out of you and into the creator’s light for transmutation to clear your fear’s and replace it with faith and the power to speak from your heart.

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Image Credit: X-ray – NASA / CXC / Caltech / P.Ogle et al., Optical – NASA/STScI, IR – NASA/JPL-Caltech, Radio – NSF/NRAO/VLA

Astral Projection Guided Meditations for Beginners

This is a guided meditation to assist you in astral projection using a simple breathing exercise.
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Image Credit: Optical (RGB+Ha): Aldo Mottino, Ezequiel Bellocchio

Astral Projection Guided Meditation for Intermediates

This Guided Meditation will take you through a relaxation exercise to relax your body and allow your astral body or energy body or spirit body, to lift out and into the astral dimension.

We connect our awareness, or sense of knowing to a higher vibration that allows us to manifest a body that is untied by gravity and all other laws of mankind’s mainstream science.

Music composed by Selomon

Image Credit: Shine Time Studios

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Transcending Duality Guided Meditation by Selomon

In this guided meditation Selomon takes you through a journey to clear your mind and allow yourself to let go of the idea that you’re separate from the prime creator, the source of all creation. Becoming one with the universe allows us to be guided to live better, more fulfilled lives and allows us to live with purpose and a sense of excitement.

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Image Credit & Copyright: Adam Block, Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter, University of Arizona

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