“I had been struggling for weeks with one of the most difficult choices I’ve ever had to make. The wisdom, truth and love that came through you during our session gave me the courage I was in great need of. I was able to take action and walk a path that made a great difference in not only my life, but in the world. Thank you, Selomon.”
-Laine Laroche
Detroit, MI



“My session with Selomon was an experience I will never forget, and I am filled with endless gratitude. Not only was it beautifully conducted, the answers and guidance I received, went above and beyond what I realized I needed, and through it, I have gained the confidence to walk more securely in my purpose. x”
-Samantha Moncur
Seattle, WA


“Going through some of the most difficult challenges of my life, Selomon’s spiritual counseling has helped guide me through and lead me to a point shining above and beyond where I thought I would be after such events. Delivering me with undeniable messages from my personal angels, on several accounts, and the Archangels whom I believed to be Haniel and Ariel. He has shown divine evidence to me that he is a conduit for very healing energies.

He also provided me with a very detailed and helpful 2 page summary so that I could later reflect on the session in more detail. All in all I was really able to connect and learn from our sessions and experiences and would recommend him very much to someone seeking a connection with the Archangels or divine realm. ”
-Shannon Cook
Cumberland, MD


“I really enjoyed my first session with Selo and it helped to clear up an area in my life where I was very confused. I also met a new spirit guide that I didn’t know I had! I really appreciated him writing up the session summary and loved the guided meditation he recorded for me. I can tell he has a lot of love for his work and dedication to helping others. He is loved by all in our community and a trustworthy and close friend! Love you Selo!”
-Andria Cesarek
Detroit, MI

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